Discovery phase for development on Android and IOS


The software product for e-commerce is an application for a flower shop chain. The project involves the development of two different applications.  The first application is for customers (includes a product catalog, payment and delivery options). Another one is for florists, which is an internal program that will allow sellers to add bouquets to the catalog and manage the assortment.

At the time of publication, the team had finished working on the discovery phase. This case is a clear example of what the customer receives after the initial development stage.

A clickable prototype demonstrates screens and functions as if you were holding a finished application in your hands. Look at the link to see how such a prototype looks like for the FlowDelivery project. YuSMP Group clients receive similar artifacts before starting development.

Duration: 1 month.

Customer’s request 

The company has a florist business. That is some flower shops in several cities of Russia. There is also an online store in website format. The client's request is to create a mobile product that will function both for customers and for company employees.

The idea was to create two different applications, thus separating the users. It was assumed that one software would serve as a catalog, while the other mobile product would be intended for company employees.

The main goal is to enable customers to order a bouquet and a delivery of it online conveniently and quickly. The purpose of the application for a florist is to provide a convenient way to manage the assortment of the stores.

Project features

Firstly, the client wanted a separate application to manage the assortment of the online store. Secondly, the system had to take into account the availability of certain flowers, and if there were not enough flowers to assemble a bouquet, the system would remove the bouquet from the store. For example, if there are 23 roses in stock, then a bouquet of 25 roses should automatically be disabled from the ordering function.

Therefore, the main complexity of the project was creating a system that could automatically disconnect bouquets from the possibility of ordering. Implementing such an approach would be quite complex: it would complicate the work of the florist and would only add to the operational activity of the employee. In addition, such a function would become expensive - its implementation would lead to an increase in the cost and time of the project.

The YuSMP Group team explained all the “pitfalls” of such functions. Together with the client, it was decided to abandon the whole system, but put only direct control over the presence or absence of a bouquet.

According to the plan, the system will not count flowers, but it will be possible to set the number of bouquets in the application. Each time a client places an order, the number of bouquets in the system decreases. If the number of ordered flowers runs out, the bouquet will automatically disappear from the store. Initially, the number of positions is set by a florist.

How the project is useful to the customer during the discovery phase

Thanks to the analysis and close communication with the customer, we were able to find an alternative to the original idea of the product. The functionality is maintained without unnecessary complications and high costs. In this case, one of the features that the customer wanted to implement turned out to be more difficult than it had been expected. The implementation would significantly increase the time required to work on the project, as well as the cost of its development.

Now the idea has acquired a clear plan of actions in the form of documents and artifacts that the client receives during the discovery phase. Further steps in the implementation of the project will be even clearer and more confident. We have laid the foundation for a successful product.

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