Mobile application for IOS and Android

A product that helps immigrants and guests of the country adapt to staying in Armenia, and that helps local residents find interesting places of entertainment. The first version of the application is an event poster, with easy navigation, filters and event descriptions.

Watch a video that demonstrates how the program works or test the product using a clickable prototype. The ready-made application for Android can be downloaded here.

Project duration: 3–4 months.

Project objectives and features

We were approached by a company that was already organizing events and had its own website. The owners decided to update the web resource and at the same time create a mobile application that would inform users about upcoming events in Armenia. Event registration, reminders and payment functions through the application are planned for the future versions.

A special feature of the project was that the customer came with a partially developed product (the backend was implemented on the client side). Yes, sometimes we take on already started projects, we are not afraid to deal with other company’s code and documentation even though it is quite difficult.

The product functionality

The application is a convenient poster; all upcoming events are presented on the main page. Events can be filtered by date or category, and also a specific event can be found by using the search function. The card of any event can be looked through, a user can see the details and go to the website. The selected event can be added to your personal list.  Later the application is going to remind users of upcoming meetings.

The process and first results

For the project we chose the Agile methodology. In this case it was the most convenient way to work. We had a scope (a list and description of functionality that must be implemented), and a budget was determined - all this helped us move clearly according to the plan.

The first stage of the project was the discovery phase, and then we moved into analytics. This approach has great advantages. Many aspects were clarified immediately, and after that only some blocks were supplemented without redoing them. Thanks to analytics, it was possible to avoid numerous edits and there were no such situations when the team and the customer felt that the project was reaching a dead end. In addition, high-quality analytics at the beginning of the work helped reduce development time and financial costs.

At the time of publication, the application can be downloaded from PlayMarket, and very soon it is going to appear in the AppStore.

The first version will give room for exploration and it will show what else can be improved. The next release will already allow the customer to monetize the product.  It is supposed to earn money from commissions for event admission fees.

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