Esoteric service Android

Development and publishing esoteric service app

Astro7 is an esoteric consultation service. The application contains the list of esoteric specialists and their ratings visible for a user. It is also possible to order phone consultations and pay for the services via the app.

We create a clickable prototype for each project. Follow the link to see how it works. Or watch a video that demonstrates how the service works.

Duration of work: 3 months.

Customer’s request

By the beginning of the collaboration the customer already had the web version of esoteric consultations service, and it was necessary to develop the Android app on its base for the comfort of Astro7 clients. The special condition of the project was short time limits (3 months since the collaboration began).


What we started with

By the time the client contacted us there we no well-defined requests. The first thing we did was clarifying all the wishes for the future program.

For a better understanding of the customer’s business, we have specified what problem of the final users Astro7 must have solved. As it happens, people use the service to get psychological support in tight situations.

Resting on his own user’s experience our business analyst formed the MindMap with the set of features for the future app. After communicating with the customer we highlighted the most significant ones and after that formed extra application artifacts:

  • User stories.
  • BPMN diagram.
  • WireFrames.
  • SRS.

Why each application artefact, we are talking about here, is necessary.

Developing each artefact we confirmed it with the customer and analyzed each detail of the business process. Two weeks later the formal requirements and the future program design were ready.

Future app user experience (visualization)

To start using the app the user must log in or sign up.

Then the user can see a list of experts with their specialities, rating, and rate. The user can choose the specialist he needs by pressing the call button.

After pressing the call-button the user receives a call from an expert to the number he entered at the sign-up. As soon as the consultation is over the user’s account will be charged up to the expert’s rate.

The balance of the user is shown in his/her back office. There are 3 ways to deposit the balance: with a bank card, mobile phone or PayPal.



How we started the development

After all the program requirements were fully formalized, our project manager with the developer's team, assessed the app features, and formed the future project plan. To meet the deadline we had to give up a couple of features, which was confirmed with the customer. At that phase, we provided the project’s plan and budget. Read more about all the phases in “How we work”.

Further, we worked out the basic project architecture and started the development.

During the work, we made the ready functions previews for the customer. The client also got weekly reports of the functions performed.

Problems and solutions

At some moment we realized that we were about 1 week behind the schedule. At the same time, all the team was involved in the project and did its best. We decided to employ one more Android-developer from a partner studio, that allowed us to be on time and within budget.

The Result

We created an Android application in the time set, the client was satisfied and is planning to come back to us soon to add new features to the program.

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