Fitness App

IOS and Android development, admin panel making

A software product for taking fitness marathons and sports competitions. We have developed mobile applications for iOS and Android, and also created an admin panel for the convenience of system management.

Take a look at the video of what the app looks like in action. Do you want to "touch" the product? Follow the link to test the clickable prototype.

Duration of work: 5 months.

Customer’s request

A client contacted us to automate existing business processes. For active fitness marathons, it was necessary to create not just an application, but a whole system: user-friendly and easy to manage for owners. While discussing, we decided that we need two native development (iOS and Android) at once, as well as an admin panel with which it will be easy to manage applications for two platforms at once.

Product purpose: to turn paid marathons into mobile and user-friendly software. Users should have a payment function, authorization of a personal account, access to contests and marathons, as well as the ability to make purchases in the built-in online store.


At the very beginning, it became clear that we have a lot of unknowns to implement, and the product needs to be released in a short time. Then we decided to work according to the SCRUM methodology: we worked with prints, implementing one functionality after another. As a result, we identified the features necessary for the first version and released the finished product in 5 months.

What the app can do

With the help of the application, users participate in sports marathons — they can gain weight or, on the contrary, lose it. Depending on the goals, they choose a program and pay for it directly in the app.

The application functions are available only for registered users: to log in, you must leave the data and protect the login with a password. After that, you can log in using an email or an Instagram account.

Users see lists of marathons, class schedules, and exercises for each day. It is possible to leave comments and clarify information.

Another important part of the application is Contests. Marathon participants can share their results by posting photos and other information in a special section. Users can view the list of contestants and vote.


Admin panel

With the help of the admin panel, you can manage all the activities in the application: marathons, contests, comments. It is also possible to view statistics and reports: in a special section, you can observe expenses and incoming payments.

Push notifications are configured in the admin panel — the owner has the opportunity to remind customers about discounts, promotions, and the start of the program.

What the result is

After several months of work, the customer received an increase in customers and an increase in the average check of regular users. Now we continue to support the system and are working on an update in parallel. In the next version, a new nutrition section is expected: users will be able to count calories and monitor the diet.

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