Travel planning platform

Web development

The service helps hotels, insurance companies, and airline companies to make packages for travelers.

The system collects tours, which include flights, accommodation, and necessary insurance. Users can purchase a full set of trips at a bargain price, without the margins of the tour operator and agency commissions.

The platform allows you to choose the dates and place of arrival, get information about flights and hotels, add additional insurance to the tour. You can pay for a travel package on the website. The service works for tourists from Russia.

Click on the video to see how the web platform works. Or test it yourself: a clickable prototype is available at the link.

Project duration: 10 months.

Customer’s task

The customer came up with the idea to create a system with the functionality of a tour operator.

Airlines, hotels, and insurance companies can place their offers on the platform, and the service itself forms the tour and assigns the cost.

What problems should the platform solve?

  • Limited offers from existing tour operators who work with a narrow range of organizations.
  • Too high cost of tours due to commissions and extra charges.
  • Difficulty in promoting services for small companies and hotels.

How the work on the project was carried out

When we first started discussing the future product with the customer, it became clear that the project is best built using the SCRUM methodology. There were many unknowns to implement, the project seemed large, and there was not much time for development.

We held several meetings with the client and identified the main functionality that should be implemented first. we developed one functionality after another, presenting each feature to the customer, and after approval, we moved on.

How the platform works

For companies

Before being on the resource, the company must undergo verification: document the authenticity of the organization, agree with the platform.

After registration, the company gets access to the personal account: it is possible to post your offers there, track sales, manage document flow, use the reporting system, statistics and analytics, as well as set the cost, make discounts, connect to promotions.

The company should issue its proposals according to the requirements of the platform: provide detailed information about the service, hotels and hotels need to upload photos.

The company receives money from the sale to a virtual account inside the platform, funds can be withdrawn to the organization's bank account.

For users

The platform analyzes the offers of companies and collects the most profitable packages for tourists. The algorithm is configured so that it can select the most relevant tour from the user's request.

For example, a traveler wants to fly from Novosibirsk to Thailand. His priority is the cheapest option. He sets the following parameters to the system: dates, direction, and sets sorting by cost. The system first issues the cheapest packages, which it forms from existing offers of companies.

You can also set up sorting not only by cost but also by comfort level (number of stars at hotels, airline level, passenger class, etc.). You can add additional insurance from the company that entered the tour to any package.


The platform will earn a commission from each transaction. Paid services for companies are also assumed: output to the top of the search and advertising on the resource.

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