Credit conveyor

BackEnd development

A module has been developed for a large microfinance company that quickly makes decisions about issuing loans. In 4 months, we have delved into the current project and closed all tasks with the backend.

About the project

The company for issuing loans has been around for several years and is actively developing the field of online lending. One of the most important factors for the successful work of the organization is the processing of the application and making a decision.

In online loans, there is a scoring system, a software that processes user data autonomously and approves the loan. The software reviews the questionnaire, checks the credit history against databases, takes into account factors such as property, education, place of work, and work experience of the borrower. Based on all the data, the system forms a decision — to issue the amount or refuse the user.


At the time of the appeal, the company already had a system for issuing microcredits over the network, but in parallel, they tried to constantly improve the portal. The project lasted for years and got stuck on the module that makes decisions about the loan - then the customer turned to the YuSMP Group.

We faced the task of speeding up the processing of applications, decisions on the issuance of money had to be made several times faster.

What we have done

Since we were working on an existing project, we decided to move according to the SCRUM methodology. This solution gave us time for maneuvers and flexibility in development. To make it easier for the customer to control the project, we held meetings every week: we reported on the work done and demonstrated interim results.

In order to dive into the current product, we conducted accelerated analytics. Since the system was already functioning, the project did not require in-depth research, we only needed to better understand the processes and formulate unambiguous requirements.

Then the stage of active backend development began. We managed to achieve good results: the time for decision-making decreased by 10 times: from 15 to 1.5 minutes.

At the moment, the project has been implemented and is functioning successfully. Due to the fast processing of applications, the company has significantly reduced the number of refusals during the session.

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