User's personal account for an IOS/Android mobile operator

Native mobile development.

The application is a personal account of a subscriber of a mobile operator, the software is available on iOS and Android platforms. The application has a concise design and a user-friendly interface.

Click on the video to see how the web platform works. Or test it yourself: a clickable prototype is available at the link.

Users can independently manage the tariff, monitor the balance and replenish it, and connect additional services.

Project duration: 4 months.

Customer’s request

At the time of the request, the operator already had an established connection and identity. We needed to create a flexible tool in the style of the customer, as well as develop the service and regularly make changes to the product, since the application needed regular updates.

The Problems

Enterprise sector products require compliance with high standards of information security. In the case, we dealt with the personal data of users, which should be protected as much as possible.

Payment data had to be transmitted via secure protocols that support encryption.

In addition, the client outlined a very tight deadline: in a few weeks we had to implement new functionality, periodically introducing temporary solutions. The tasks were constantly changing and transforming.

It was also important for the customer to observe the development literally in real time. All processes were transparent, and the client could know exactly what the team was working on — this required additional solutions from the project manager.

How the workflow was performed

Since there were urgent tasks and a lot of changes on the project, we used the Scrum methodology. This solution helped to make the development open and understandable for the customer.

Traditionally, the process was divided into sprints: the work was planned for two weeks ahead, and at the end of the period they showed the result to the client. At meetings, we discussed interim results, took into account comments and fixed tasks for the next sprint.

Within the team, daily,  we communicated on the project and monitored the progress of development.

What was done

In 4 months, we have developed and published two native apps: for iOS and Android.
Personal Account features:

  • Selecting and changing the tariff. You can switch to other conditions in just a few seconds.
  • Payment for communication. With a bank card or the current Apple Pay and Google Play Services at that time.
  • Online support. Chat with round-the-clock customer service.
  • Service management. Users can connect roaming, SMS package or buy additional minutes.

The application has the most important tools, while it turned out to be simple, concise and reliable. We continue to upgrade the product as needed and at the request of the customer.

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