Mobile application for security

Analytics and design, development on IOS and Android


An application that is fully responsible for the security of the facility: users can remotely control the security and the smart home system, as well as monitor the building and the territory online using video cameras.

Customers of the GROM Security Association will be able to use the mobile application to put and remove the object from protection and monitor the status even at a distance. All information about changes on the object will be sent to the user on the phone.

The project has passed the stage of discovery, analytics, and design. The product is currently in development.

Now you can see how the application will work: a clickable prototype is available at the link.

What task the customer came with

At the time of the request, the company already had security systems and remote control. However, in order to remove or put an object on the alarm, users had to be near: they had to enter a Pincode on the keyboard or use a special electronic key.

The main idea of the project was to make the security management process simple and autonomous, as well as to assemble several applications in one: the company wanted users to be able to view surveillance cameras, manage a smart home, and security in one software product.

So, instead of 3 applications, GROM’s customers will have only one icon on their smartphone, which will completely cover the need for security of premises and territories.

What was done

We have come from the customer's idea to full readiness for development: we have passed the discovery stage, design, and analytics studio.

We have worked out the function of a smart home — it is an opportunity to monitor devices, and turn on and off sockets, light bulbs, and other devices.

In the future, it is planned to add more sophisticated sensors, for example, to monitor fire alarms.

How the process was organized

The customer identified a tight deadline, and the project budget was limited. To perform the work in the best possible way and not go beyond the boundaries of the agreements, we decided to move according to Waterfall - a reliable and predictable methodology.

We collected information, wrote SRS, and prepared designs based on them. Every week we contacted the customer to coordinate the results.

Later, when the designs became more complicated, they began to call more often — twice a week to approve every detail.

Project features

Note! three main functions should be implemented in the application:

  • video surveillance;
  • security;
  • smart home management.

The customer had a division of objects into zones. For example, a country house (one object) is divided into several sections: house, sauna, garage, and yard. And separate management is assumed for each section. That is, the user can put the garage on guard, but remove the house from the alarm system and so on.

Another feature: it was important to provide multiple users for one object, as well as configure the access level of each profile.

For example, User 1 has access to all sections, User 2 — only to the territory, and User 3 — the territory, the bathhouse, and the garage.

We also integrated with the Yandex smart home service and security systems: we found and disassembled all the necessary documentation, and fully prepared the integration for implementation.

How the project is useful to the client

Now the customer has full documentation, with which he can safely go into development. There is a complete picture of how the application will look and work, as well as an exact action plan.

The final product will unload the support service, and give you the opportunity to remotely manage objects. Users will not have to download multiple applications, a completely ready-made home security will be implemented in one product.

For a security company, such a mobile application will be a strong advantage in the market.

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