Mobile application for a chain of clinical diagnostic laboratories
Analytics and design, development on IOS and Android

The application is designed to record patients for an appointment, view a list of clinic services, and save research results. Also, with the help of the product, it will be possible to see the branches on the map and find out the work schedule of each branch.

So, users will be able to interact with Unilab only through the application: they will not need to call or search for a website to get to an appointment. Test results and other medical documents will no longer have to be searched in the mailbox — important files will be stored in one app.

It is clear how the application will look right now: you can watch the video interface of the future product and test the clickable prototype yourself — it is available, click the link.

Duration of the first stage: 3 months.

Customer’s request

UNILAB is a network of clinical diagnostic laboratories. The company carries out modern laboratory diagnostics in all medical areas, including rare types of research; performs more than 2500 medical tests and comprehensive examination programs. Unilab branches are located in 36 cities in Russia, now there are more than 100 offices.

The company required us to create its own mobile application: it should make it easier for patients to record and receive results and unburden the employees. So far, administrators have to process applications from the site and receive calls, enter all data into the system, and then manually send the results of the analyses to e-mail. The customer wanted the Software to be largely automated and simplify this process.

Another task is to notify the user about the clinic's promotions and offers. As a result, the application will also become a marketing tool.

What has been done

At the moment, Ucms Group has prepared the analytics and design stage for the project: the main functions have been defined, the necessary documentation has been prepared, and there are designs for future screens. The project is fully ready for development.

In order to move as quickly as possible and promptly make changes to the project, we have chosen the Agile Agile methodology.

Project features

A feature and at the same time the complexity of the project was a lot of integrations. It was necessary to link the application with the appointment system, 1C program, and other and other software. We managed to do this after several technical calls conducted by our specialists.

How the project is  useful to the client

Now the project is fully ready for development. Instead of abstract ideas, there was a complete idea of how it would look and work efficiently.

The application will be useful for the clinic because it will relieve administrative staff, simplify some processes and win over patients. With the help of push notifications and special offers, the company expects to increase the average receipt and the customer return rate.

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