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Android development


A system for route planning in Germany. xRouten users are business owners and freight forwarders. Company owners or managers use the admin panel: assign navigation, monitor the work of employees and documentation. Drivers use the app to follow the route, mark the points passed, record the result and make notes for reporting.

This program is suitable for delivery services, cleaning companies in summer and winter, urban improvement agencies and other industries. xRouten is already available for download — you can look at the finished product right now.*


YuSMP Group helped the customer to finalize and qualitatively change the application, attract new customers.

Project duration: 3 months.

*the link does not work on the territory of the Russian Federation and from mobile devices.

What task the customer came with

A foreign customer came to the studio. The company already had an operating business in Germany - the xRoutin platform, but things were not going so well. Users complained about errors and poor performance and refused the product. Hitches in the application greatly affected the business processes of partners: parcels were not delivered on time, there were confusions with addresses and other problems. Because of each episode, users of the platform lost money and customer trust.

To save the business, the owners of the navigation service decided to redesign the application. We had to significantly refine the current product and correct the logic.

How the xRouten app works

The product helps to plan navigation, and also stores all the necessary documentation in electronic form. With the help of the service, companies save working hours, kilometers and money every day.

Basic functionality:

  • Map display.
  • Building optimal routes at specified points.
  • Fixing the control point.
  • Fast billing: Digital documentation can be sent to customers instantly.
  • Recording routes.  After a while, you can track how this or that car was moving. This is useful for tracking the implementation of plans and in a number of legal issues.
  • The mobile app automatically collects all the evidence and sends it in real time.
  • The integrated navigation system is integrated, employees can start moving immediately. There is no need for additional services and equipment.
  • Tracking drivers on the map.

What we did

YuSMP Group worked specifically with the application: using Android development technologies, improved speed and performance. Fixed bugs on critical functionality. We solved the main issue with application freezes, memory leaks, routing and implemented Offline mode.

It was not easy to get into the product quickly, since the interface and all documentation were in a foreign language. From Russia, it was still not easy to establish a geolocation to Germany in order to work correctly with the navigation functionality. All this required time and effort: however, competent decisions on the project (in particular, the choice of Agile methodology) helped the team to complete the work on time.

What result the customer got

Now the product works very quickly, productively and efficiently, without freezes. After the fixes, dozens of clients connected to xRouten, who were previously not satisfied with the Android version.

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