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Mobile app development on iOS and Android, web version

A social network with a radar function: users talk about themselves, share content, and can find friends nearby. The app is now available in four languages: English, Chinese, Spanish and Russian. The social network plans to enter the global market. It works on iOS and Android platforms, and also has a web version.

Project duration from the idea to the release: 9 months.

Click on the video to see how the app works, or test it yourself: a clickable prototype is available at the link.

What the customer wanted

We were asked by a client who had an idea for a new social network: it should include the functions and features of existing platforms and have its own highlight - the search for users on the radar. So, in the application, you can not only share content and communicate with people, but also find them on the map.

The customer assumes that in the future the social network will be monetized due to a large number of users, bloggers, and advertising content.

The social network is a complex and long-running project that will last for several more years. At the time of publication, the first version of the application has already been released, and the next updates are about to be released.

Solutions and challenges

The requirements for the project were constantly changing, so we decided to move according to the SCRUM methodology. Despite the fact that we chose a suitable project management model, there were difficulties: at the design and analytics stage, the customer had a lot of corrections both in logic and in the appearance of the project. Due to a lot of adjustments, we fell behind the plan, but in the end, we came to solutions that pleased both the customer and the team.

What the app looks like now

Now the first users are appearing in the application. They can fill out a profile with information about themselves, post photos and videos, subscribe to other participants, watch a news feed and chat.

First, the user needs to register using an email or phone number. In the profile, one needs to fill in the name, gender, date of birth, country, city, the field of activity, add a photo to the avatar. Another mandatory line is marital status: the user indicates whether he is married, in a relationship, or free. This is important because the application is also focused on new acquaintances.

In order for network members to see only interesting content, at the start of working with the application, it is suggested to select several categories of interests. For example, food, travel, humor, movies, and so on. The number of such tags will be supplemented, and participants always have the opportunity to change the selection in the settings. The generated pool of interests affects the news feed — the user sees only those posts and profiles that correspond to the selected categories.

When a user looks at a participant's profile, he sees not only the specified information but also the number of posts, subscriptions, and subscribers. The grid below shows all profile publications in chronological order.

Posting is focused on visual content — you can only share photos or videos by tagging and adding a description. You will not be able to make only a text publication. Posts of other participants can be liked and commented on, the number of “hearts” and discussion branches are displayed under the publication.

Unwanted users can be blocked and, if necessary, returned from the block. A blocked user cannot leave messages and comments, he will not be able to view his profile.

The main feature of the network is the search for participants. You can find interesting acquaintances using radar. The user can choose the distance in the run-up from 50 meters to 11 thousand kilometers. After setting up the filter, a list of participants who are in the specified radius will appear.

The number of interesting profiles can be filtered by the following criteria:

  • gender;
  • age;
  • marital status;
  • field of activity;
  • interests.

We also added a global search so that users can find people they already know by name.

The social network is just beginning its life. It is now available in 4 languages, and we plan to add as many more in the new version. You can use the app on iOS, Android, and in the web version. In the future, this social network should cover people all over the world.

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