Food Delivery Aggregator

App for IOS and Android, admin panel

A mobile application for ordering food from restaurants and shops. For customers, there is a showcase with a wide selection: users can order ready—made dishes from establishments or products from supermarkets.

Click on the video to see how the app works, or test it yourself: a clickable prototype is available at the link.

For owners: a convenient admin control panel for an online store, control of couriers, access to logistics and reporting.

For couriers: fast and convenient routes, understandable maps and order cards.

Project duration: 9 months.

Customer’s task

Addressed us company wanted to launch a new product — its own FoodTech startup. The task was to develop native mobile apps for iOS and Android for buyers from scratch, as well as to create an administrative panel for managers and couriers.

In addition to the basic functions, the application had to select the optimal routes for different delivery methods: on foot, by car, by bicycle / electric scooter.

What was done

After discussing the project, we decided to move on Agile: there was little time for implementation, and the project involved very serious work. We passed the discovery stage and immediately moved on to analytics. At this stage, we conducted a study of competitors and in-depth interviews with users of similar applications. So we understood which decisions would be right and strong, and which ideas should be put aside.

To reduce costs, we allocated the main task pool for the first version and divided the workflow into sprints. The development was carried out in parallel with the interface design — this solution allowed us to meet the deadline of 9 months.

What we worked especially hard on

During the research, we realized the vulnerability of similar projects: couriers often chose an ill-conceived route. They had to make extra hooks and detours between addresses, sometimes they got confused and lost time. Because of this, orders were often late: customers were angry, couriers received a fine, owners lost trust.

Therefore, we paid maximum efforts to find and implement maps with maximum detail. The system itself selects the ideal route and correctly guides the deliverer to the address.

What's with the project now

Now the development is at the final stage: we are conducting the last tests before the release in the AppStore and Google Play. We will also accompany the customer in publishing the application in stores and provide support in upcoming updates.

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