A platform for renting apartments or cars

Mobile app for iOS and Android, the admin panel

On one platform the client can plan a trip by covering two needs at once: rent a house and rent a car. The service allows you to choose dates and places for your trip, get information about objects, book, and make payments through the website. The application is designed to work in Russia with the prospect of entering the markets of other countries.

In the admin panel (a tool for product owners), the management of users, orders, various application directories, and the verification process of companies for car rental and real estate is configured.

Click on the video to see how the application works. Or test it yourself: a clickable prototype is available at the link.

What the customer requested

A client who wanted to create a large platform for travelers turned to us. The service allows you to rent real estate and cars, you can choose only one option (for example, rent an apartment) or use both services in one order.

It was assumed that real estate objects would be added to the catalog by users themselves, and the service would act as an agent between tenants and landlords. For car rental, a different principle of operation was needed: the options of large car rental companies were selected on the platform. That is, here the service worked on the principle of an aggregator.

In fact, it was necessary to create two separate products and combine them into one with the ability to synchronize orders. At the time of the request, the project provided for the possibility of renting only in Russian with the possibility of scaling in other countries.

What was done

In this project, we passed the stage of analytics and design - the product seemed complex and large. To begin with, business analysts outlined the boundaries: they selected and agreed on 10 Russian cities in which the service will first be launched. To do this, we chose the main tourist destinations: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Kazan, and others.

The services that we chose for the aggregator needed to work in the selected population points.

Constantly communicating with the customer, finding out the needs and requirements, we have completed the discovery phase and the stage of analytics and design. In the course of work, we abandoned several features, for example, until we began to develop a loyalty and reward system since this functionality required a clearer marketing calculation, which the customer did not yet have. However, such an opportunity was included in the project.

So we have a clear idea of what exactly the platform should be.

First, we decided to make an MVP and release a product to collect feedback from users. At the same time, the platform should acquire a base of landlords.

The project is under development

The project is currently under development. But something is already accomplished and we can tell you what is going on.

At first, the team took care of everything related to real estate in the project.

Two roles were developed for users: the owner of the home and the guest. User accounts differed in content.

  • Guest users could sort accommodation, view available options by dates. Filter by city and all that.
  • In the owner's office, there was an opportunity to fill in additional housing through a special form, track bookings by the calendar, receive payment through the website.

Communication between owners and residents was not provided directly. All issues should be resolved through the platform. Therefore, we have set up an alert system and automated mailing by mail and SMS.

In the car rental project part, we also passed the analytics and design phase and linked car rental services to the platform. Users have the opportunity to set a filter by dates, models, and locations, view the available options, and select the desired position. Next, the platform will direct the user to fill out the form and connect him with a service that directly provides car rental services.

The project has passed through the approval of the design concept, analytics and today the MVP of the product has been developed-mobile applications on both platforms and the admin panel. Now the focus group is testing the product, and the customer's team is collecting feedback for further adjustments.

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