Web application for a pharmacy

 Web application and backend

A large pharmacy chain has decided to improve its business processes within the company. The customer had an idea to automate work in warehouses and salespoints and to make reporting more transparent.

An important requirement of the client was a short time for development, so we abandoned the campaign with traditional stages and worked on the Agile system. We implemented analytics and design in large blocks, then promptly transferred the issued requirements and other documentation to development. That is, the whole process was divided into several puzzles and was given up in parts. As a result, we put together a complete picture: we made a web application and its backend in 10 months.

You can already evaluate the result: we demonstrate the operation of the application on the video, and if you want to" touch " the product, a clickable prototype is available on the link.

What has been done

First of all, we integrated into the existing warehouse accounting system, provided more transparent reporting processes. Data on the selection, shipment, and delivery of goods to points of sale have become clear and understandable: big errors and large discrepancies in figures have disappeared.

Next, we automated the work with devices for scanning goods: when reading the barcode, information for employees is displayed on the screen. Selectors and receivers began to see instructions for each unit. Thus, the selection and shipment process has become more operational and has improved business performance.

After that, we linked the accounting system at the warehouses with the pharmacies themselves, so that the reporting at the points of sale also became unambiguous. Now the system takes into account the delivery and orders of goods, overdue items, re-sorting, and balances.

We have brought all warehouse systems to management reporting in the business intelligence system. So a top manager has a useful tool: the manager can track sales figures and inventory balances, see the margins of the business. It is also now possible to set up sales plans for a network of pharmacies.


Project summary

The project lasted 10 months and is now successfully functioning. We continue to support the web application for the pharmacy chain: we are finalizing reporting, optimizing processes in warehouses. Now, the client already receives a tangible advantage in the speed of shipment, selection in warehouses, and in the management of sales and business.

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