Mobile app for remote control of a climate system

Mobile development

The application allows you to remotely control the underfloor heating and air conditioning system. Users configure the intensity of work in detail up to a specific hour, even if it is far from home with the help of Wi-Fi.

Project task

We were approached by a company that produces climate control equipment for residential and industrial premises. It was necessary to develop a mobile application from scratch that would integrate with heating and air conditioning systems and give access to the remote control. Your own software should become a competitive advantage since it will work accurately and clearly.


We have studied the needs of the client, and have offered to work using the Agile method because it was essential for the customer to finish the development in a short time.

We held several meetings with representatives of the company and identified the main functionality that should have been in the product in the first place. Having promptly agreed on them with the client, we started developing them. In parallel, other features were agreed upon and given to programmers.

The video showed how the finished application works. You can test the service yourself by following the link to the prototype.


We needed to understand how the application would manage heating and air conditioning systems. To do this, we conducted several additional interviews with representatives of the customer's company and collected the opinion of users.

In the survey, it was important to find out the needs and possible difficulties with remote control. So we learned that people would like ready-made solutions-modes that will create an optimal microclimate in the house and maintain it even in the absence of the owners. This function was not among those that we planned to take on in the first place. But after consulting with the customer, we decided to add them to the pool of upcoming tasks.

Later, we also added the ability to configure and save custom modes. Thanks to the Agile system, such changes in requirements did not damage the workflow.


What the app can do

  • A user-friendly interface for connecting and configuring a new device independently in the application.
  • The ability to control warm floors from the smartphone screen through the intuitive interface of the application in Russian, setting the temperature.
  • Remote monitoring and control of the operation of underfloor heating and air conditioners via the Internet.
  • The choice of the proposed climatic modes and the possibility of user settings.


We have worked through all the scenarios and thought out specific steps and solutions that will lead the user to the desired result. The application has a clear structure that everyone will understand.

The manufacturing company has a significant competitive advantage-users can now not only easily manage systems, but also reduce electricity costs. The cost-effectiveness of such a system becomes a weighty argument in favor of choosing the customer's equipment.

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