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Web portal to calculate the price of shipping goods through the custom

A website for inner use of transportation and logistics company, which also provides the service of shipping goods through the custom. The main target of the system is to speed the requests processing.

We create a clickable prototype for each project. Follow the link to see how it works. Or watch a video that demonstrates how the service works.

There are four user roles in the system:

  • the calculator;
  • names assigner;
  • senior calculator;
  • administrator.

 A user can have one or several roles at a particular moment.

Duration of work: 6 months.


Customer’s request

Every day the company received queries which included a huge amount of data- dozens and hundreds of lines of certification. The employees of the company processed the requests manually, which took them too much time. The client addressed us to optimize and, if possible, automate the process.

The main idea of the project was calculations simplification by collecting the query base, which could be used as a knowledgebase.

What we did

We worked together with the customer on the necessity of the portal and the rules of the requests processing. We analyzed the data interconnection to make the system forecasting possible. We also took into account the wishes about the interface to make it easy for the employees to form the requests. After working on technical requirements and the screens, we started the development.


How the system works

The order appears in the program→the program compares each line of specification with the statistics if all the lines of the requests agree, the system fulfills the metric values automatically → the system accomplishes the query.

If one or several lines agree, the system automatically fulfills the metric values of these lines → the system places the query to the order being processed by the calculator → it processes the query fulfilling only the lines the system skipped → the calculator accomplishes the request.


If no lines agree, the system places the query to the order being processed by the calculator → it processes the request fulfilling all the lines → the calculator accomplishes the query.

The problems we faced

We always do our best to meet the deadline, however, we had to arrange a new deadline for this project. We tracked the project performance, but during the work process, the customer requested to add one significant feature. Thus, we accomplished the project with a little delay but with the feature added.

The result

The company implemented the system into their work and significantly simplified the process of request processing.

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