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The development of the Android and IOS application for a home appliances store

The mobile application is a professional social network for the employees of a big home appliances store chain. The service was created to let users study the assortment, do the tests, and get the rewarding points, which they can use to pay for the purchases in the chain stores. 

In the back-office, the employee sees the number of points, certificates he’s obtained, his rank, and title. Furthermore, the company’s news is published in the app, as well as there is a catalog with user-friendly advanced filters and a detailed description of the goods.

The users also can send messages to each other and write comments to the articles in the program.

We create a clickable prototype for each project. Follow the link to see how it works. Or watch a video that demonstrates how the service works.

Duration of work: 9 months

Customer’s request

The customer required to develop a huge project, with requirements that were complicated to accomplish all at once. We offered the client the iterative method of work: every 2 weeks we showed the customer the ready functionality, confirmed and if necessary discussed the improvements. Thus we divided the huge project into blocks, which we performed and demonstrated to the client one by one.

What was the most difficult?

The most difficult task was creating the catalogue. It was significant not only to download the description of goods but also to adjust the fitting algorithm, which counts the different features of the home appliances. Despite the vast amount of information, our business analysts created the algorithm, which turned to be exact and fast as well as user-friendly.

So the store workers can find the necessary goods in the app and consult the clients avoiding time-consuming information search.


Challenges we overcame

At the stage of development, the work on the IOS app was too much delayed comparing the schedule and the work of the Android developers' team. So we decided to involve extra developers to meet the deadline.

In addition to that, we had some misunderstandings with the customer, which were natural for the work process. Our project manager did his best to involve the client in the process and to demonstrate the results. Thanks to his efforts most of the problems were solved.

What result we have

Dozens of thousands of employees use a convenient application, which is permanently updated with new content and sustains the load. We continue to hold the server capacity as well as providing technical support. Currently, we also continue the cooperation with the customer and add new features to the app.

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