Taxi agregator

An app to call a taxi, an application for taxi-drivers on IOS and Android platforms, a control dashboard for a web version operator

The taxi aggregator consists of 3 parts: an app for taxi-drivers, a control dashboard for operators, and an app for taxi clients. The service works in Moldova.

A client can order a taxi from any location before a ride starts a client can see the price of it and a map with the car assigned. The payment can be processed via the application online, attaching bank cards to the account, or by cash.

We create a clickable prototype for each project. Follow the link to see how it works. Or watch a video that demonstrates how the service works.

Duration of work: 1 year.

Customer's request:

At the time the customer addressed us, they already had a taxi fleet in Kishinev. The ordering company wanted to expand the service all across the country and make the taxi order process fast and convenient with the help of a mobile application.

The solutions we found out

The project was massive, so we decided to apply the AGILE method, splitting the work into business units. We needed to develop the operators' dashboard, employing which an operator could manage orders, taxi profiles and track the taxi on a map. It was also necessary to create two different apps for customers and drivers on two platforms, IOS and Android.

We chose the main features and made the MindMap based on them, created the critical path of the project, and precisely worked on the requirements following it.

Defined the development order

Our team was in permanent contact with the customer, analyzing his plans for business development and the marketing strategy. Before launching the passengers' app, the ordering company needed to form a base of drivers who would be able to start work. Thus, the first thing we needed to do was creating a program for future taxi employees.

Drivers registered themselves in the service to be able to get orders in the future. For that purpose, it was required to enter the drivers' private data and the information about the car. A driver can accept orders and see his/her income in the app.

Before drivers get orders, their documents must be confirmed. In the administrative operator’s dashboard it is possible to see verification history, control orders, manage drivers’ profiles and track the taxi cars on a map in real-time.

As soon as that part of the work was accomplished, the customer launched the application advertising ad gathered the taxi-drivers base to start the clients' service.

After that, we started to work on the clients' IOS and Android app. In the users' version, a client sees the assigned car navigation, can attach a bank card, and has access to the account and the history of the ride.


What was difficult

It was the most difficult to manage the project content. As the project was long and massive, the customer always got new ideas and features wanted, which he required to implement even after the accomplished development. Our project manager could convince the ordering company to realize the standard functionality first and leave the innovations for the latest versions. Thus, we completed the project on time and were able to develop and support the program.

The result


Soon after the launch the program became popular in Kishinev and currently works all across Moldova. In the nearest future, the customer plans to expand the app to the CIS market.

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