IOS and Android mobile apps including merchandise catalogue and reports.

The service allows the company’s employees to browse the agricultural merchandise catalog, to see the information about the products and the prices. In addition to that, the deals report can be downloaded to the program. Also, the sales targets can be set and checked in the application.

We create a clickable prototype for each project. Follow the link to see how it works. Or watch a video that demonstrates how the service works.

Duration of work: 9 months.

Customer’s request

The client needed an inner use program, which could optimize the work of agriculture merchandise sales managers. The budget of the customer was limited, so we offered them different budget plans: economic and supreme ones.

The solutions we had

We arranged it with the client that the applications would include:

  • Merchandise catalog.
  • Sales report part.
  • Sales targets.

We used a ready-made business system for reports and sales targets setting. The customer had to purchase the system, however, it was more beneficial to buy it than to create a new one. We saved not only money but time as well.

What was difficult

One of the main difficulties we faced was the unstable internet connection of future users. The managers work in remote areas, which are not always in the mobile signal coverage area. At the same time, the employees needed to upload the description of the goods, featuring and prices swiftly. Thus, when we had an Internet connection, we uploaded the data to a mobile device and showed the data locally.


The Result

We successfully launched a service, that helps the customer company managers follow the sales targets, swiftly update the information about deals in the agricultural sector, and vividly control the work performance. The app has been actively used for 3 years, and it works perfectly. The client questions us about the reports, and our database engineers help the customer with the issues quickly.

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