Employees training app BI.

The Multipurpose salesman is an app to train company employees who work in retail.

The systems consolidated workforce, retailers, and vendors in one digital room.

The salespeople have access to the merchandise catalog and can browse the description of requested goods at any time. The system allows the employees to study online, to have assortment knowledge and the goods featuring tests.

The workforce can place a product order and ask a vendor. The retailers can control the employees’ study progress and be sure about their skill set, as well as control the merchandisers’ work online. The vendors can see the request of the end customers.

We create a clickable prototype for each project. Follow the link to see how it works. Or watch a video that demonstrates how the service works.

Duration of work: 1.5 months.

The customer’s request

A company that is a gadget distributor addressed us. The company had a problem that the workforce of its retailer-stores was not well informed about the products and needed to level-up their skills. There was a need for a mobile application, which would train the staff, inform about a product, and help to provide a client with quick-serve. The service also must have provided the connection between the user and the vendor and, and the ability to place orders.

What we did

We started the work with the competitor on the market analysis to understand the opportunity of the idea. After that, together with the client, we worked on all its users’ needs, features, and wishes which are important for the customer. At the BI stage, we realized the size of the task and system; formed the user roles and units, which would be in the app.

User roles:

  • Salesman, the main user of the system, retail company’s employee.
  • Retailer, the representative of the retail company.
  • Retailer’s employee, the retailer’s assistant.
  • Vendor, the retailer’s goods supplier.
  • Vendor’s employee, the vendor’s assistant.
  • Chief administrator, the system’s owner.
  • Employee, the chief administrator's assistant.

User units:

  • User profile.
  • Catalog.
  • Training and tests.
  • News.
  • Orders.
  • Merchandizing.
  • Customer support.

After that, we started the development of the concept design, users' stories, and prepared a presentation to the investors.


The result

We performed a competitor comparison study, mindmap, a presentation for investors, concept design, and user stories. We defined the borders and took into account all client requests. Now the project is on a wireframing stage.


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