YuSMP Group

Development of web, mobile applications and high-load systems

Our services

We adapt the customer's corporate identity to the platform guidelines. Draw user-friendly and intuitive interfaces.

We work through user scenarios, design the application logic, and sketch the main screens. 

We write technical requirements for development, taking into account the business processes and technologies of the customer and the needs of users.

We find the weak points of your service. We analyze and test the finished product and prepare a detailed report with recommendations. 

We bring your ideas to life. We create mobile apps for IOS and Android, websites, and other solutions for your business. 


We provide technical support for our projects. We provide a choice of several support packages that include different indicators. 


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    YuSMP Group, website design, and development company

    We create high-tech solutions for business

    YuSMP Group performs websites and mobile apps development, business analysis, prototyping, and other IT services. The web development company was founded in 2017 and since that time has accomplished dozens of successful projects. The professionals are gathered in our website development company who is united by the common idea to create functional web products that solve the tasks of a customer’s business.

    We get an idea and make a functioning product from it. Our web development has a large experience of working with nontypical and challenging projects of totally different areas: from the food industry to the esotery. We got used to never give up facing challenges and find solutions even in the most unpredictable cases. On our Company’s website in the Cases section, you can find examples of the created apps, and sites.

    YuSMP Group website design and development company services

    Special offer of our WEB studio: lending making service. We create single-page sites for quick results. 

    Business analytics. We analyze the opportunities of a customer’s idea, identify business targets, and the system scope, form budget, structure and make TR for developers.

    UI/UX design. We visualize the interface and work the future user-system cooperation out. 

    Prototyping. We work the user stories out, project application logic, depicture main screens. 

    Full-stack website design and development. We create a ready-to-use web project from the very beginning. Delegate the responsibility for the technical work result to the professionals and don’t disturb yourself from business-goals. 

    Mobile Applications. We create mobile apps for IOS and Android as well as provide a cross-platform approach to save a client’s time and money.

    Outstaff. You can address us when you need developers. Agency can provide specialists for the tasks you set. 

    Testing. We can analyze and test your product and provide you with a detailed report and recommendations.

    Websites building. Our website development agency service includes creating web resources for your business. We work with projects at any stage and are not afraid of challenges. 

    Our web development agency provides technical support for all the projects we developed.

    Advantages of the cooperation with YuSMP Group website design and development company

    • We meet the deadlines and strictly follow the schedule. 
    • We work with various budgets. The price of the project depends on the set of features and a customer's wishes. It’s not about as to force a client for extra features to increase a project’s budget.
    • The service in the agency is provided by professionals only. We openly show the persons who work in our team.
    • We are always in touch with our clients. It newer happens when a customer doesn’t know what processes are going on with his or her project. We iterate after each work stage and tell a client about the results during meetings.
    • In our company, there are values that are shared by all the employees. United by the idea, we do our best to make your project work successfully for years.

    Email us to start the co-operation and do not hesitate to ask questions about website design and development company services.