Using your own website is a great option for a business that intends to go to the next level. Often, an entrepreneur is faced with a choice: order a custom website development or opt for a ready-made solution.

Advantages of ready-made sites and website designers

The main advantages are the price and speed of implementation. The cost of ready-made sites is lower than those made to order, thanks to the use of standard features and plugins. They can be dealt with even by a person who does not have programming skills or knowledge of web design.

This is where the pros end. And there are questions about the boxed product.

Disadvantages of ready-made solutions

You need to be prepared for the fact that the site created based on the constructor has limited functionality and design solutions. Therefore, such sites are similar to each other and are difficult to upgrade.

If in the future an entrepreneur wants to start actively selling through the site, then nothing will come of it — the ready-made solution is not intended for such purposes. Therefore, when scaling, you will have to rewrite the site from scratch, and this will increase the initial cost of the resource by 2 or even 3 times.

What else do you need to be prepared for

You will not be able to make a variety in the appearance, you will have to be content with the design solutions that are in the set.

Problems that arise with a plug-in are difficult to solve or fix on their own. Connecting additional modules in ready-made products also often causes a plugin conflict — a situation where something breaks on the site and does not work. That is why expanding the functionality on such pages increases the cost of the programmer's work and the amount of time spent on implementing updates.

It is almost impossible to adapt the elements to your individual needs, you have to be content with what you have.

In ready-made solutions, the issue of security is crucial, since such sites are vulnerable and often subject to hacker attacks. Therefore, users have to spend extra time installing updates and additional settings, as well as tracking the appearance of viruses and catching them.

Well, if the site has a serious breakdown, then the entrepreneur has to solve an important question: what is cheaper-to make a new business site or to overpay for the repair of an existing one. It is impossible to deal with the problem independently due to the complexity of the code and the relationship of all the elements of the site, and professionals take on such work reluctantly — it is time-consuming and requires a lot of time.

But the main disadvantage of boxed solutions is limited SEO functions, which cause difficulties in promoting the site. A specialist will help you solve this problem, but you need to understand that this is manual work and takes a lot of time.

So, are the ready-made solutions useless?

Not at all. All of the above says that a boxed solution is not a long-term investment, but at the first stage, it is perfect for those who want to get a website quickly and cheaply, without specific business goals.

If in the future you plan the business growth or sell actively, it is recommended that you immediately think about creating a custom site to get the most out of it in the future. Such sites are made in our studio YuSPM Group — if you are thinking about your own resource, write to us! We will discuss and find the best solution for you.